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Besides using Aminexil or Alopesan 400 to prevent hair loss and baldness, it is now possible to camouflage your present thin hair implant, or add extra volume. This hair camouflage technique was originally used in the world of film and show business. VIPs use this product to subtly improve their appearance. The hair spray is a perfect camouflage for thin hair, transforming it into beautiful thick locks.

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The technology
Volluma is completely safe and is an ideal combination with aminexil. The spray attaches itself to the hair and, unlike other applications, is resistant to rain and perspiration. Volluma is the result of many years of scientific research in the United States. It makes your hair look thicker and stronger. The spray is totally invisible and even from a couple of centimetres away, it is impossible to see that you have used Volluma.

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The most frequently asked questions

  1. How do I use VOLLUMA?
    Spray it evenly several times onto thinning hair. Use a shine spray afterwards to give Volluma extra sheen and an even more natural look.

  2. How long does VOLLUMA remain on your hair?
    Several days if you wash your hair with normal shampoo. You can wash it out in one go if you use a special shampoo.

  3. What happens if I exercise or play sports wearing VOLLUMA?
    VOLLUMA is resistant to perspiration, rain, etc.

  4. Does VOLLUMA leave stains?
    VOLLUMA clings firmly to the hair, allowing you to wear pale colours.

  5. How can I remove VOLLUMA?
    Wash several times with a normal shampoo to remove VOLLUMA.

  6. How often can I spray my hair with one VOLLUMA aerosol?
    Depending on the surface to be treated, one aerosol contains 20-25 applications.

  7. Can VOLLUMA damage my hair?
    No, it is perfectly safe.

  8. Does VOLLUMA work on short hair?
    Yes, but there must be some hair on the scalp.

  9. Which colour should I choose?
    You should choose your own hair colour from the list. If in doubt, choose a shade darker than your natural hair colour.

  10. Can I use VOLLUMA in combination with aminexil?
    Yes, this does not give any problems.

  11. Can I use VOLLUMA after a hair transplant?
    Yes, as long as the wounds have healed and there is still some hair on the balding surface.